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Sarah Jennings
Wisconsin Field Organizer

Every individual has a different perspective and role in our community: from public officials, educators, and community leaders, to bus drivers, business owners and artists. Here are a couple of their stories about why they support the transition to zero carbon transportation. 

President Biden’s first day actions signal a welcome change in direction for wild forest policy.

 | by
Ian Corbet
Conservation America Campaign, Associate

The consumer goods giant continues to make irresponsible use of the world’s forests.

Drilling in the Arctic was always a bad idea, and it is only getting worse. Though the first lease sale of land in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge was a complete failure, we need to prevent any future sales and make sure the entire refuge is fully protected from any future development.

All Americans should care about the wildlife on the coast plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, even if we never visit.

In a world overrun by plastic pollution, Thanksgiving shouldn’t come with a side of plastic. That's why we're calling on Whole Foods to take action.

 | by
Megan Severson
State Director, Wisconsin Environment

Join Environment America in counting down the final days of 2020 with daily activities to celebrate and explore nature.

Energy saving tips that are written in the stars

Stealing your energy and the TPIN costume contest trophy

Congress needs to safeguard this natural wonder by preventing copper mining on nearby federal lands and waters.